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-ADP Certified Hearing-
Aid Provider and Authorizer
-WSIB Batteries and Hearing Aid Provider
-Department of Veteran's Affairs VA Provider
-RCMP Audiology Provider
-NIHB Provider
-ODSP/OW Provider
-Certified Audiologist CASLPO, member of OSLA,
University of Toronto student mentor

Reasons to select Credit Valley Audiology:
Our audiologist will provide a comprehensive assessment of your hearing and your hearing aid(s). No referral is necessary. Our  audiologist is experienced and certified (Master of Science in Audiology, University Degree), trusted,  and well-respected in the community.

Every step of the process: audiogram, hearing aid prescription, hearing aid selection, and hearing aid fitting and adjustments are done by an experienced audiologist.

Self-Referrals Okay...No
Referral Required
Phone: 905-820-1688!

Please Note: We will not be undersold!!! Phone 905-820-1688.  We will beat any written quote by $ 200.00*!

Select models discounted by $500.00-$1000.00 for pair of hearing aids (not for third parties, binaural sets, select models).

Credit Valley Audiology and Hearing Services is your one-stop-shop for all of your hearing aid needs in Mississauga.

Phone 905-820-1688

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to personalized care.  While working in the public sector for 15 years our audiologist honed his bedside manner and personalized patient-care skills.  He is patient and will ensure the highest level of professional service and hearing aid fitting.  

"Your Go-To Audiologist for Hearing Aids in Mississauga/GTA.  Our fittings are done by Certified Audiologist with 15 years experience".  

Hearing aids are like anything else...the more money you spend the more sophisticated the hearing aid...let us guide you through the murky waters.  Just to be sure...we will beat any price quote for any model.

Patient-Focused Care
Your Hearing is Our Concern
It is our goal to make your hearing aid fitting experience a positive one. We work with patients and their families to ensure satisfaction of the highest degree possible.  Come for your no obligation no cost consultation, phone 905-820-1688, thanks!